Saturday, August 15, 2009

This is Stupid

I could tell you what it's like to have your own body against you, but if you are confused now you would surely be more confused anyways. It's not that you would care anyways, sitting their watching mediocrity pass by. You think because you are can observe it means you're better then it. You fool, we are all guilty of the same pleasures, pleasures that include death and hypocrisy. Don't you ever just realize that no matter how hard you try to stain your conscience it will always be cleansed? Maybe one day when I artificially sit with you I'll see too. Until then I have a burden that will ruin me, but hopefully not you. Unfortunately, I know where we're all going. And ironically, it's more like your leisure then you thought. I'm sick and tired of all your blank faces, and your actual "reason" for a drink and comfort food. Your yearn for a status title sickens any honor you may have conjured in your dreams. Keep this in mind and you may live to see the devil itself, Harmony, knock on your head. Be wise. Be aware. Live out of mind.


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